drug cambodia

The number of confirmed drug addicts continues to climb in Cambodia. Reports from the area claim drug addiction has risen by nearly 30 percent, and in response to recent events, the Cambodian government plans on fighting drug traffickers and boosting rehabilitation for people who are already addicted.

Prime Minister Hun Sen feels Cambodia is a country of honor, “but it still has secret activities of people importing drugs from outside the country,” he said last week in a press release.

The rates of drug overdoses and users have been worsening for years. In 2008, drug users in Cambodia were estimated to be anywhere from 6,000 to 40,000. These numbers have not improved since. As of 2013, the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) estimates that there are 46,000 people addicted to drugs in Cambodia. Despite these findings, the Cambodian government insists their country has no more than 10,000 drug addicts.

Since news of this sudden hike in drug abuse was first reported, Cambodian police have taken 9,802 suspects into custody with a total of over 175 kilograms of drugs, as well as acting on 4,191 cases of drug dealing and trafficking. Throughout the country, anti-drug messages are being distributed.

In keeping with Cambodia’s drug crackdown, local community leaders have been finding other citizens known to suffer from drug addiction. Their mission, according to the government, is to encourage residents to get the treatment they need.

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