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New Zealand’s National Party announces $82 million crackdown on drugs

New Zealand’s National Party has promised an $82 million crackdown on drugs and gangs if the party is re-elected. The funding, which is also backed...

80 percent of kids in Delhi’s Seemapuri are addicted to drugs

About 80 percent of Indian children in the Delhi slum of Seemapuri are addicted to drugs, according to a study conducted by the Society...

New data supports use of muscle relaxant to treat alcoholism

French health care authorities gathered at a Paris conference on March 17 to announce that two clinical studies had been finalized, and their results...

Treating opioid addiction in the United Kingdom

In recent years, the United Kingdom has seen a significant increase in deaths linked to illicit drugs, most of which were caused by opioids....

Toronto man chronicles journey through drug addiction and recovery

Toronto resident Brian Paolino wonders how someone can be interested in a 35-year-old who “grew up biologically but not psychologically.” Paolino explained he thinks the...

Iraq’s growing drug problem: From corridor to producer

A string of drug raids and arrests throughout Iraq may indicate a structural change in the country’s drug market and severity of its growing...

Drug trade festers on the darknet

The Global Drug Survey (GDS) 2016 recently offered a glimpse at the rising number of people using ‘darknet’ drug markets around the world. More than...
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