Sherwood Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There’s nothing like being caught in the web of drug addiction. As drug addiction experts are aware, substance abuse issues take a substantial and ongoing toll on an individual’s productivity. Nevertheless, people who are determined to escape the realm of drug addiction so that they can thrive again should know they can. Read on to learn more about the dangers of drug addiction and how enrolling in our Sherwood, Oregon addiction treatment center can enable you to attain a fresh start and begin your life anew.

How Drug Addiction Impacts Your Life

Drug addiction is a serious issue which impacts every aspect of an individual’s life. In addition to compromising the individual’s ability to develop or maintain healthy relationships, substance abuse oftentimes leads to economic issues as the person exhausts their financial resources to obtain the drug. Drug addiction can even result in trouble with the law as the individual engages in illegal activities in order to attain or use the illicit substance of choice.

Why Obtaining Professional Help Is Not Optional

Because drug addiction is a disease which engenders mental and physical dependence on the illicit substance, it is important for the individual to attain recovery services at our Sherwood, Oregon substance abuse treatment facility. Doing so empowers the client to be carefully and continually monitored, evaluated, and supported throughout all stages of recovery. Also note that enrolling in our Sherwood, Oregon addiction recovery center will grant you access to resources and strategies that can help decrease your susceptibility to relapse and other issues that may arise on your journey towards restoration and recovery.

How We Can Help You

The professionals of our drug rehab clinic assist clients by providing them with the wide range of treatment services necessary to restore their minds, bodies, and souls. One service we’re pleased to provide is dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This service ensures that clients who are struggling with both substance abuse and a co-occurring mental health disorder condition can attain treatment services for both issues.

In addition to offering exemplary dual diagnosis mental health treatment services, our professionals are pleased to provide clients with a safe, community-oriented environment where they’ll feel comfortable discussing the challenges and questions that arise as they complete each stage of recovery. Another big benefit of choosing our Sherwood, Oregon drug rehab clinic is that we provide each of our clients with the individualized treatment plans which ensure that all of their unique challenges can be addressed and resolved.

About The Rehabilitation Process

When you enroll in our Sherwood, Oregon addiction treatment clinic, you’ll gain access to a wide range of recovery services that facilitate holistic restoration. The first step is detox, and this process will involve the systematic, supervised removal of the illicit substance from your body. Attaining a supervised detox is imperative because it ensures that clients are being carefully, continually monitored by individuals who can help them grapple with withdrawal symptoms and other transitory experiences that may transpire during the cleansing stage.

Following detox, the client will enter the rehabilitation stage that is commonly referred to as therapy. There are multiple types of therapy that may be available to the client, and two of the more common forms include one-on-one counseling and group counseling. The former modality is important because it enables the client to attain detail-oriented, highly specific information, advice, and evaluations from a licensed professional who is trained to provide services that engender self-reflection and healing. The group counseling therapy modality is equally important, because it empowers the client to learn and grow in the presence of other individuals who are experiencing the trials and triumphs that come with the recovery process.

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