Party.0 nonprofit brings substance-free parties to campus across nation

control drinking on campus by limiting the size of alcohol containers that exceed a particular proof. However, Party.0 hopes to tackle the issue from a different angle: by providing students with a non-drinking alternative.

The founder of the organization, Jake White, isn’t recovering, he elected to abstain from drinking after his uncle, an alcoholic, committed suicide. However, he found college parties less than scintillating when he was the only one in attendance who was sober. White said that he understood that students who choose not to drink often feel like they are left out, judged, or pressured to drink, and as such, he resolved to create an environment that allowed students to party sober.

White believes that Party.0 can be a valuable resource for demonstrating to college students that having a good time need not involve alcohol. Banning alcohol isn’t the right decision, he says, because much of the drinking on college campuses is already illegal. Instead, he believes the key is offer sober alternatives to those students who want them. From there, White believes students will begin to recognize that substance abuse isn’t a prerequisite to having a good time.