People struggling with addiction are now using pets to get drugs

professionals can prevent problems by having awareness and assurance.

“[Veterinarians] need to know their patients to understand and be confident that the prescriptions they are writing for the patients are what they truly need,” he said. “They need to maintain a relationship to evaluate whether the patients are having the benefits and to be aware of the client as well.”

According to Pawlowski, veterinarians need to be confident about their prescribing skills but also to prioritize every aspect of the relationships established in order to prevent pet owners with substance use disorders from taking drugs prescribed for their animals.

“It’s a three-way relationship. That’s the important part, and that’s the cornerstone of the practice of veterinary medicine. If we lose any component of that relationship, then we’re not going to be doing what is best for our patients and we’re going to be putting ourselves and others at risk for having potential problems,” he concluded.