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In an era of many virtual happenings, it’s common to see people resort to online forums or social media platforms whenever any assistance is needed – naturally when there’s a need for financial support, many flock to websites designed specifically for fundraising.

Substance use disorder treatment isn’t always affordable; according to the National Institute of Health, the average cost for a year of methadone maintenance treatment was $4,700 per patient last year — in these cases, funding websites are an increasingly popular alternative for people affected by addiction.

Jesse Boland, director of online marketing of the fundraising website, said that although his team has not yet compiled specific numerical data on fundraisers for addiction treatment, the campaigns are usually very successful.

“Our platform is very effective in providing financial help and emotional support for those struggling with all types of addiction,” he said. “Whether it’s someone who needs help affording drug or alcohol treatment or a parent raising money to raise addiction awareness, we encourage people to ask for help.”

In a recent addiction recovery treatment campaign featured on YouCaring, a wife asked the community for help her husband Aaron into treatment, since their insurance would only cover 30 days and he needed more extensive support.

Aaron Maus, beneficiary of the YouCaring campaign ‘Help bring Aaron Maus back from addiction’ – Photograph courtesy of
Aaron Maus, beneficiary of the YouCaring campaign ‘Help bring Aaron Maus back from addiction’ – Photograph courtesy of

Another fundraiser currently trending was primarily organized by a mother who needed financial help in order to get treatment for her daughter Danya, a philanthropist and art instructor who has been struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Her family was able to raise over $1,000 and Danya got into treatment before the beginning of the year.

“Generally, we see fundraisers for addiction treatment do better than average,” Boland said. “Due to the circumstances, addiction fundraisers are generally set up by a loved one of the beneficiary.”

Danya Aletebi, beneficiary of the YouCaring campaign ‘Help Danya Kick Addiction's Ass!’ – Photograph courtesy of
Danya Aletebi, beneficiary of the YouCaring campaign ‘Help Danya Kick Addiction’s Ass!’ – Photograph courtesy of

According to Boland, his company truly believes that no one should face financial hardships because they can’t afford to pay for drug addiction treatment and that YouCaring allows people to keep the full amount of money they raise and doesn’t charge fees to raise money for medical bills.

“The [YouCaring] team is always looking for ways our crowdfunding platform can help families suffering,” he said. “We’re actively creating dedicated resources around addiction treatment.”

Success stories

About a month ago, Kayden Carlos, a 27-year-old from Brigham City, Utah, realized he needed to help his family pay for the expenses of a treatment program for his brother Craig, so he decided to set up a fundraiser. Craig struggled with a heroin and meth addiction for the past decade and had sporadic instances of sobriety but continued to relapse each time.

“We didn’t know what to expect or how much we were going to get from the campaign,” Kayden said. “When we immediately posted, it just started trending with our local friends and the community, along with people I knew from other states. We just received so much support for my brother. People cared.”

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