Jeff Sessions praises record-setting drug seizures in San Diego

Jeff Sessions praises record-setting drug seizures in San Diego
U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Stratton offloads in San Diego /CC BY _ Coast Guard News _

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made an appearance in San Diego on Wednesday to commemorate the record-breaking 450,000 pounds of illicit drugs seized by the Coast Guard during the 2017 fiscal year.

Sessions was present as the crew of the USCGC Stratton — a patrol boat involved in recent operations — offloaded 50,000 pounds of heroin and cocaine that had been seized in the Eastern Pacific Ocean since the beginning of August.

The illicit substances that were seized by the crew of the Stratton have an estimated street value of $679 million.

Another recent seizure occurred on August 14, when a vessel that had been camouflaged to match the water was intercepted roughly 450 miles southwest of El Salvador and Guatemala. Onboard that vessel, the California-based Coast Guard crew found four men and over 6,000 pounds of cocaine.

“Enforcing our drug laws saves lives,” Sessions said, emphasizing his ‘war on drugs’ approach to combating the country’s drug addiction epidemic.

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