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OSHA Revision Addresses Drug Testing in the Workplace

The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) passed a set of revisions that may affect employees across the U.S. The provisions specifically address drug...

DEA Releases Updated ‘Drug Slang Code Words’ Intelligence Report

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has recently released an unclassified intelligence report that serves as an updated version of a publication named ‘Drug Slang...

Substance Abuse Program in Tacoma Targets Prison Population   

A substance abuse program in Tacoma, Washington was recently made available to individuals who are part of the local prison population. One of the Pierce...

Rehab Center in Danvers Aims to Boost Care with New Professionals

A drug and alcohol rehab center located in the town of Danvers, Massachusetts recently brought in new healthcare professionals to be part of their...

Monitoring Drug Rehab Success Rates in America

How effective are the available methods to treat drug addiction in the country? The majority of the drug addiction treatment programs offered by accredited...

Opioid Addiction Treatment in Salem Prioritized by Oregon Officials

Oregon officials gathered this month in Salem to announce that the state will be allocating $600,000 to the expansion of substance abuse prevention efforts...

New Addiction Treatment in Cody, Wyoming Targets Painkiller Abuse

A new addiction treatment in Cody, Wyoming is changing the way that individuals with substance use disorders treat their pain. The new addiction treatment program...

Arlington Drug Rehab and Recovery Programs Expand

Drug rehab and recovery programs in Arlington, Virginia are expanding to serve the increasing number of locals who have been affected by the opioid...

Addiction Treatment Program in Madison Helps Pregnant Women

A pilot addiction treatment program in Madison, Wisconsin has been helping women who are pregnant and struggling with substance use disorders for free. The program,...

New Drug Rehab Center in St. Charles Explores Therapeutic Simulations

A new drug rehab center in St. Charles, Missouri, is exploring the use of therapeutic simulations as part of treatment programs for patients with...
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