Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Richmond Prosper with Initiative

members with an opioid addiction who received any treatment was at 48 percent before ARTS and 62 percent after, a 29 percent change.

The ARTS program also displayed a decrease in emergency department visits related to opioids as there were 3,101 visits after it was enacted, compared to 4,484 before, a 31 percent decrease.

Finally, the number of prescriptions for opioid pain medications for medicaid members went down to 229,598, a 29 percent decrease from 420,883 before the program was instituted.

ARTS has fortified requirements for providers and boosted compensation fees for those who use research-steered drug treatment programs.  

Virginia is going to receive even more money to fight the opioid epidemic. It was recently announced that the state will receive $10 million from the federal government.