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Tags Opioid abuse

Tag: opioid abuse

Teen sports may protect against addiction, study shows

According to a study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics earlier this year, teenagers who engage in regular athletic activities are less likely...

When ‘one more time’ turns into one final overdose

Malloury Fitzsimmons knew something was off earlier this week when she noticed her fiancé Timothy Oster sleeping without a blanket. As she drew closer,...

New Hampshire on track for another record year of fatal overdoses

The New Hampshire Drug Monitoring Initiative (DMI) reported last month that from January 1 to October 7 the state had a total of 286 drug...

Opioid abuse deals forceful blow to tribal communities

Hearts and minds were heavy as the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan met recently to discuss an issue weighing deeply on its members. Several chairmen of...
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