Hotboxing: How Is It Done and What Damages Can It Really Cause?

how to hotbox

The reputation of marijuana has taken a 180 for the past few years, with several states in the U.S. legalizing the plant for recreational and medical use. Given the growing demand for cannabis, many have considered harvesting the plan and selling it across different parts of the country.

The marijuana industry is a lucrative market to enter! The growth of this industry could mean an increase in jobs, which is vital for many individuals and families. However, while you can use marijuana for recreational and medical purposes, this doesn’t mean that the substance doesn’t have its risks, particularly in the method of consuming it.

Hotboxing, in particular, is a typical practice among marijuana users, rapidly rising in popularity. Although the process of hotboxing may compel you to try it, it’s crucial to first learn as much as you can about the practice of consuming marijuana safely and responsibly.

What Is Hotboxing?

Hotboxing is the act of smoking marijuana in a closed space so that the smoke is trapped. This practice is said to intensify the high of marijuana.  Achieving this effect makes one increasingly high.

The process can be done by individuals smoking marijuana in a small space like a car, a box, an elevator, or even at home. The effect can also be achieved even when people aren’t smoking—they can simply enjoy the smell of marijuana by opening a tightly sealed container with the buds.

A New Way to Get an Intense High

The main selling point of weed is that it is a gateway to a good time. The drug can be used during parties, social gatherings, and even your nights in to help you enjoy every minute of your experience. Marijuana is a cornerstone for many people to have a good time, and as time progresses, its use has grown more acceptable in our society. 

However, not everyone gets the high that they want. Some resort to other ways of taking marijuana to increase the drugs’ effects. Other consumers prefer to consume marijuana through edibles, such as baked goods, food, or drinks. 

Others turn to more potent forms of marijuana, such as concentrates, which can be taken on their own or turned into oil. Another way to increase the high of marijuana is through hotboxing.

Is Hotboxing Dangerous?

With the growing popularity of hotboxing, many are curious to know if this practice is safe or not. Some even have the misconception that hotboxing is healthier than smoking weed with a pipe or bong, but this is not the case.

The fact of the matter is that hotboxing is dangerous since users are smoking marijuana in a very confined space. This already increases the chances that the users might suffer from smoke inhalation.

While hotboxing can give people the thrill that they want, this does not mean that hotboxing is completely safe. Instead, it is better to choose a safer alternative that can give you the same effect without the side effects.

What Are the Side Effects of Hotboxing?

Hotboxing may increase the effects of marijuana, but not without exposing yourself to potential dangers! There are several risks involved with the practice of hotboxing. Some of them include:

  • Lung Damage

Hotboxing is associated with the increased risk of developing lung cancer. Marijuana smoke contains harmful chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and nitrosamines. These chemicals can be particularly damaging to lung health.

Additionally, smoking marijuana can cause long-term respiratory problems, particularly for people who already have breathing problems such as asthma. Hotboxing will only worsen these conditions as the smoke increases potency. If you have a pre-existing condition, do not partake in hotboxing!

If you’re going to try hotboxing, take a break every 30 minutes to ventilate the room. Also, make sure that you are in a room with an adequate ventilation system.

  • Dizziness and Confusion

Marijuana has analgesic and sedative effects, making one feel dizzy and confused. While these effects can be beneficial in some cases, some may experience increased dizziness and confusion, which can be dangerous.

Hotboxing can effectively increase the amount of smoke you consume. As such, the risk of experiencing these negative symptoms is higher. In fact, hotboxing can cause more dizziness and confusion than traditional smoking!

hotboxing dangers
What is Hotboxing

Hotboxing can also cause behavioral changes. Some report feeling paranoid and anxious after hotboxing. Others report feeling a sudden rush of energy. A loss of memory can also accompany these effects.

  • Heart Problems

Hotboxing can cause several heart-related issues. Marijuana consumers are at a higher risk for heart attacks and strokes. The risk is greater for those who smoke marijuana traditionally, such as through joints or pipes. This is due to the amount of inhaled burnt material.

Hotboxing is more dangerous because of the inability to monitor the amount of smoke inhaled. It is estimated that users of joints or pipes consume double the amount of smoke compared to the amount consumed by users of vaporizers. Essentially, the more smoke inhaled, the greater the risk of stroke or heart attack.

Popular Devices to Achieve Hotboxing Effect

While the idea of hotboxing can be done with any type of device, some have more effect than others. These devices are the following:

  • Portable Vaporizers

Vaporizers are health-conscious alternatives for smoking marijuana without directly exposing the lungs to harmful substances. These devices allow users to inhale pure marijuana vapor from the device. Vaporizers are available in numerous designs that can be pocket-sized.

  • Wax Pens

Another type of device that you can use for hotboxing is wax pens. These modified e-cigarettes allow users to vape their marijuana wax and shatter concentrates. Meanwhile, the e-juice for e-cigarettes has a lower concentration of THC, so it doesn’t produce the same effects.

  • Joints

The most common way to hotbox is through joints. These are made by rolling tobacco with marijuana. You may replace the rolling paper with a material that is thinner than usual paper. The purpose of this is to create a larger joint that can trap more smoke.

Before trying hotboxing with your friends, keep in mind that it is not unhealthy, but this doesn’t mean that the practice is entirely safe!

Potential of Contact High

Contact high is a phenomenon where individuals get intoxicated simply by inhaling the smoke of someone who is already high. While contact high is not as dangerous as smoking or vaporizing marijuana, it is still harmful. 

Remember, the smoke of marijuana is still smoke, which is dangerous for your lungs. Hotboxing yourself in an enclosed space raises the chances of having a contact high. If you’re not a smoker, it’s best to stay away from your friends who want to try hotboxing, as you could experience the effects of marijuana without wanting to.


Consuming marijuana can only be enjoyable if you use safe methods! Hotboxing may seem like a safe alternative for smoking marijuana, as it is more convenient than smoking a joint or a pipe, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get harmed. Remember, hotboxing increases the potency of marijuana, which doesn’t make the practice completely safe.

Choose a safer alternative like vaporizers if you want to have an intense high with fewer risks. This way, you won’t have to worry about addiction or side effects and can have fun with your friends!