Female inmates list drug use as primary motivation for committing burglary

committing a burglary, with crack or powder cocaine, and heroin being the most commonly used drugs.

In addition to revealing gender-specific differences in the motivation for committing burglaries, the study also raised “important research questions that have clear implications for male and female drug prevention programs, incarceration programming and treatment, and offender reintegration efforts,” researchers wrote.

There was more indication from female burglars that access to substance abuse treatment programs and religious or faith-based programs in prison would help reduce their chances of committing crimes after their release.

“Ultimately, as the female burglars suggested in our study, provision of substance use treatment should be strongly encouraged and readily available for persistent male and female burglars,” researchers stated.

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Drug use motivates female burglars
Drug use is more of a motivating factor for women to commit burglary than it is for men, according to a new study published in the Journal of Drug Issues. Researchers from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Eastern Kentucky University and Radford University surveyed 422 inmates, of which 147 were female burglars. The surveys were completed by inmates in four prisons in Kentucky and Ohio, and 10 prisons in North Carolina. The sample size made up nearly 16 percent of the total population of incarcerated burglars at the time the data was collected. About 35 percent of respondents were females; 67 percent were white, 25 percent were black, and the remaining were mixed race or other.
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