Jeff Sessions praises record-setting drug seizures in San Diego

substance use disorders, the attorney general repeated the administration’s commitment to punitive measures instead.

In addition to lauding the Coast Guard’s success in seizing illicit substances that were covertly transported across waters, Sessions underscored the Trump Administration’s position that a border wall would stem the flow of drugs into the country.

Sessions has stated that the fight against drugs was worse than it’s ever been before, citing 52,000 domestic overdose deaths in 2015. He also said that the increased availability of drugs would continue to cause those rates to rise.

Nevertheless, Sessions made it clear that he believed that increased law enforcement actions and penal consequences were the keys to fighting the addiction epidemic, a position that many experts have roundly rejected.

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Jeff Sessions praises record-setting Coast Guard drug seizures in San Diego
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made an appearance in San Diego on Wednesday to commemorate the record-breaking 450,000 pounds of illicit drugs seized by the Coast Guard during the 2017 fiscal year.
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