Aletheia House - Birmingham AL 35218

2717 Ensley Ave Birmingham AL 35218

The Aletheia House is one of the many residents that have settled in Birmingham Alabama. It offers the residents a nice place to live work and raise families in a safe neighborhood. A safe neighborhood in Birmingham is not a new concept to me. As a young adult I was a fan of My Fair CitySafe City. And as a resident of the City of Birmingham I am very proud of how safe and clean our neighborhoods are. This is what we are after in Birmingham Alabama an area with a good quality of life. I am glad to see that the Aletheia House has taken that concept and made it a reality.

Aletheia is an independent non-profit housing and community development agency. It is located on the southwest side of Birmingham Alabama and provides a variety of services that are geared toward assisting residents in a variety of ways. One of those services is helping people get off of the streets while providing safe living situations to those who are looking for a change of scenery. The Aletheia house is a combination of housing commercial space and community development that is designed to be low-cost and affordable. They offer free assistance to people with a variety of needs and financial situations. It provides people with a home of their own and gives them the opportunity to make a positive impact in their neighborhood.

The residents of Aletheia house do business according to the Fair Housing Act (The Fair Housing amendments Act of 1988). The housing is designed to provide low-income and very high-quality housing for those in need. It provides services such as food assistance programs health care for children emergency help and other similar services. I am happy that the residents of Aletheia House have chosen to become a part of my Birmingham Alabama community. It is an amazing place to live work and raise families. If you are looking for a new place to call home then look no further than the Aletheia House.

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