Bridge Inc - Tuscaloosa AL 35405

6001 12th Avenue East Tuscaloosa AL 35405

Bridge Inc is a home-based treatment center for individuals struggling with substance abuse. The center is designed to provide comprehensive care to patients in an outpatient setting. The treatment program focuses on the physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive aspects of addiction. Bridges Inc Treatment Center for Teens, Tuscaloosa AL offers residential treatment programs for individuals struggling with substance abuse. The center provides individual, family, and group therapy that combine medical treatment with behavioral therapy. The unique approach of this facility has been used to successfully treat patients for over thirty years. This facility is accredited by the American Society for Addiction Medicine.\n\n \n\nAt the Bridge Inc Treatment Center, patients receive treatment for substance abuse that helps them overcome their addiction and live a fulfilling life. The residential treatment program is a 12-step program that helps addicts to deal with their addictions. Drug treatment, psychotherapy and family therapy are all part of the treatment process at Bridge Inc. These programs offer assistance to patients to break their addictions through education and support. They provide patients with the tools they need to overcome their addictions and become healthier. The program helps patients reduce stress, manage anger and learn to cope with feelings of anxiety and depression.\n\n \n\nThis treatment center for teens/tuscaloosa provides treatment and counseling for patients who need help with their addiction. These programs help patients to cope with their addictions and to lead a healthy and productive life. The treatment center provides medical attention to patients who need it. The Center is fully accredited by the National Council for Independent Schools and Hospitals. This facility is fully licensed and insured.

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