Capstone Medical Resources, LLC - Montgomery AL 36106

4224 Carmichael Ct N, Montgomery, AL 36106
(205) 305-6018(205) 305-6018

Capstone Medical Resources, LLC is a company that has a variety of different medical products that it offers to its customers. The business started in 1990 and has a good reputation for being a reliable source for many different medical issues that people are facing. Capstone provides products that include everything from diabetic testing strips, to insulin and various other supplies for your diabetic patients. Capstone also offers medical equipment such as endoscopes and laryngoscopes, and it also sells lab equipment such as blood pressure and urinalysis machines. It even sells an ambulance company and many other products for medical professionals that are in need of them.

The Capstone medical website is very informative and provides plenty of information about the company. They provide information about the history of the company, a description of the products that they sell, how to order them, and much more. The site also provides information on how to contact the company to see if they have what you are looking for. The site provides many different ways to pay for their products such as checks, credit cards, and even PayPal. The website also features a number of testimonials from satisfied customers who have already purchased some of the products that they sell.

If you want to find medical resources on the Internet, Capstone Medical Resources, LLC is a company that you should definitely look into. The company is very trustworthy and offers products that will help many different kinds of medical problems that people are dealing with. They sell everything from diabetic testing strips to insulin, and they even sell medical equipment for doctors and other medical professionals. They offer everything from disposable medical gloves to an ambulance company for people who need to get around. With all of the products that they sell, it will be easy for anyone to get all of the supplies that they need. The company also sells many different kinds of insurance plans to help people with their health needs.

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