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Drug addiction treatment is the most effective method of recovery from addiction to addictive substances including alcohol prescription medications illegal street drugs like heroin cocaine or amphetamines and illegal drugs in general. The process can include inpatient rehab programs or outpatient treatment programs. Inpatient rehab programs include detoxification programs. These programs usually last from one week to one month. These programs involve a strict discipline that involves an addict undergoing withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification programs are not suitable for those who have other health problems because the detox process itself could be dangerous to them.

Meanwhile outpatient programs are usually shorter than inpatient rehab programs. This is because people who are addicted to drugs can be treated in different ways than other people. For example some people are not willing to undergo withdrawal symptoms because they can easily go through it. However people who are willing to go through withdrawal symptoms can still receive inpatient rehab. These outpatient programs may last from one month to one year. There are some people who are not able to complete their program due to medical reasons. These people can also receive outpatient treatment.

In general drug addiction treatment should be conducted in a group. However individual treatment is also possible. This is because most addicts prefer to stay with their friends or family members and so do not want to experience a very close relationship with a therapist or a doctor. Furthermore it is also possible for a person who prefers not to take part in group therapy to undergo his/her own individual treatment but this is not common at all. The treatment is usually done through one-on-one therapy where a certified therapist will take the time to talk to the addict about his/her addiction.

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