Cascade Disabitly Management -c - Phoenix AZ 85029

4150 West Peoria Avenue Phoenix AZ 85029
(602) 564-1812(602) 564-1812

The Cascade Disabitly Management Inc. (CDM) Company is an environmental consulting firm that has a contract with the City of Phoenix Arizona. The company has experience in the area of environmental planning and compliance, and has a staff of highly trained scientists, engineers, and attorneys who work to protect Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas from various hazards. CDM’s goal is to make sure that they are following all regulations for their work, and the company strives to be a good example for other companies who need to follow this same type of compliance.

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) has a website where you can find information on all types of contractors, including CDM. If you’re looking for a contractor for your business or personal needs, then you’ll find some useful information on the site as well as on the CDM website itself. You can learn about the firm and its history, find contact information, and see pictures of the company’s previous projects. If you want to check out a few CDM projects, you can also find all kinds of information on the site about the types of projects CDM has completed.

One of the projects, CDM has completed involves the removal of four large dams that surround the Phoenix River. The dams were built to control flooding, but now they are considered major safety hazards. The project was completed in 2020. You’ll find many pictures and video from the project, and you can learn more about how the project was carried out. If you have an upcoming project that you need to work on, then consider consulting with CDM. They have a reputation for providing top quality work and excellent customer service.


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