Chair Ministry - Citronelle AL 36522

19225 N Main St Citronelle AL 36522

Chair Ministry has been around for over 30 years and continues to be a popular Christian ministry. This organization helps individuals couples families churches and organizations in providing their ministries to others. Many of the programs offered by this ministry are geared towards those who are not familiar with the principles and beliefs of God. The ministry also focuses on helping people get their lives back to normal and find hope for their future. Their main goal is to provide help for those who are in need of help and comfort to encourage them in their journey.

Chair Ministry was started by John Kraybill in the year 1981. The main goals of Chair Ministry are to reach the lost souls of the world through the ministry of Holy Communion and Holy Worship. These ministries are available to anyone around the world. These ministries are also available to anyone who needs someone to talk to. With the ministries this ministry can provide assistance to anyone who is in need of spiritual guidance peace and hope and the knowledge that they are a child of God. With these ministries you have a safe place to go if you are feeling down and you know that God is with you.

Chair Ministry has a wide variety of ministries available. The ministries focus on helping people achieve their life goals living a life of spirituality and reaching out to others. They also aim to build the relationships and friendships within the communities that they serve. Through the ministries of Chair Ministry people are able to get the answers they seek from God. Through the ministries of Chair Ministry people can learn how to live a Christ-centered lifestyle.

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