Cherokee Etowah Dekalb CMHC - Centre AL 35960

901 Edith Street Centre AL 35960

The Central Manitoba Housing Corporation (CMHC) offers housing for First Nations, Inuit and Metis in the city of Winnipeg. The corporation has several housing developments that have been built and maintained by the CMHC or the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, a government organization in Canada. In addition to offering affordable residential homes, the corporation offers rental properties, condo units, townhouses, duplexes and mobile homes.\n\n \n\nCherokee is a municipality that borders the river Manitoba on the north and west and the south and west of the city on the east. In recent years, Cherokee has experienced an influx of population from surrounding areas such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Cherokee residents, mainly elders, are also settling into other cities in Manitoba including Selkirk. Cherokee residents can easily reach the municipality by bus, train and car. This city is close to many major highways, intercity trains and highways. Residents also enjoy easy access to highways and the Manitoba International Airport. However, most residents use roads to get to their destinations.\n\n \n\nCherokee is well served by many recreational resources. There are numerous recreational parks, golf courses, tennis and hockey centres, and various sporting facilities available in and around the community. This community is known for being a very active community with a wide range of activities that residents can participate in and take advantage of. In addition, many residents who were displaced by the building of the Winnipeg airport in the 1980’s find employment in the community. For those residents who want to live in the city but cannot afford to purchase or rent a home, the Central Manitoba Housing Corporation can provide them with housing options.

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