Community Service Inc - Clinton AR 72031

119 Shake Rag Road Clinton AR 72031

Community Service Inc. in Clinton AR is a non-profit agency that helps people in need. The organization provides aid to people who have been involved in accidents people who are disabled people who are facing foreclosure and even families who have lost their home. This organization helps people with financial problems by providing grant money. The organization also provides grants for various community-based projects.

Community Service Inc. in Clinton AR is a non-profit corporation registered with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office as a Charitable Organization. The Charitable Organization can be called Community Service Inc. This Charitable Organization was formed in 1992 by Donald C. Mays. The Charitable Organization was named after Mr. Mays’ parents who were immigrants from Jamaica. The founder of Community Service Inc. in Clinton AR was Donald C. Mays who had moved to Clinton Arkansas at that time and served as a judge of the Arkansas Youth Court. It is Mr. Mays’ belief that one of the main reasons behind the poor economic condition of many communities in the United States is the neglect and mismanagement of the community.

He believes that in order to become a good neighbor it is important to do good deeds. He further states that Community Service Inc. in Clinton AR should act as a catalyst to make the community and the state a better place by providing services to help the community in need. Community Service Inc. in Clinton AR is committed to provide its customers with quality service and support so that they can have a positive experience when they become a customer. It has been noted that the organization provides grants for businesses but they also provide funding for other organizations in the community. The organization has made a name for itself by being able to provide many grants to organizations that they believe in. The organization is also very active in helping people with a variety of other needs.

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