Earl Goodwin Group Home II - Selma AL 36703

2904 Earl Goodwin Pkwy, Selma, AL 36703

The Earl Goodwin Group Home II, also known as the Earl G. Goodwin Housing Complex, is a public housing complex that was built in Chicago. It is one of the oldest complexes in the city and is located at the northwest part of the city near Clark Street. It is designed to give affordable housing to the residents of the community.

The project was originally started in 1960 by the City of Chicago as an addition to the existing community. The project was completed in a relatively short time and the housing units were made available to families that had been displaced from the housing projects by the Civil Rights Movement. A community that included senior citizens, single women and minorities lived there. It was designed to accommodate all these people, however, it still remained the only project in the city to have a single gender for many years. In the year 2020, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development approved the development, and today the complex is known to be one of the best of its kind.

The complex has two main buildings. The first of which is the building that houses the residents. The second building is the facility used by the Department of Social Services. This facility provides services and programs for the residents. Most of the residents in the housing complex live in apartments and many of them live alone. The Department of Social Services provides housing counseling and other services for the residents, however, the residents still choose to live in the homes individually. This is one reason why the residents of the complex are so happy and satisfied with their lives there.

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