Mohave Mental Health Cl-ic -c. - Phoenix AZ 85022

14045 North 7th Street Suite 4 Phoenix AZ 85022
(602) 993-4595(602) 993-4595

The Mohave Mental Health Clinic, Inc. in Phoenix AZ has a mission to improve mental health for the residents of Phoenix and surrounding areas. They are committed to providing compassionate, effective, and comprehensive services for individuals in their communities. They have an onsite psychiatric unit where they provide a variety of mental health services, as well as a 24-hour crisis and wellness center that serves clients from across the Phoenix area. The services offered range from basic mental health services, family counseling, substance abuse, and social service programs, all focused on improving the quality of life of their clients.

The staff at the Mohave Mental Health Clinic Inc. offers a variety of services to their clients, including individual and group psychotherapy, in-clinic assessment, family therapy, mental health education and prevention, social service programs, medical clinics, and specialty clinics, among others. This is the fourth hospital in the Phoenix area to offer specialty care, following the Scottsdale Hospital, the Community Mental Health Center in Chandler, Arizona, and the Tempe Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Tempe, Arizona. The staff at the clinic is dedicated to providing effective treatment for all patients. It is the only facility in the Phoenix area that provides a full spectrum of mental health services. The staff and the clinic offer a warm, friendly environment that provides a safe place to stay.

All of the doctors who work at the Mohave Mental Health Clinic, Inc., have completed a national residency in mental health medicine. Most have additional credentials in a variety of areas, including nutrition and obesity, substance abuse, and geriatric medicine. The staff members at the clinic are motivated to meet the needs of the community and to provide the highest quality of care.

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