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Drug rehab is a field that helps those who are struggling to kick the habit. Drug rehab centers help addicts to get out of drug use. There are several different types of drug rehabilitation centers. Some specialize in treating patients with a particular drug addiction; some offer a wider variety of drug rehab services. A common type of rehab center is a residential facility. Most drug rehab centers will offer housing, transportation and other benefits for their patients. This type of a rehab center may not have individual counselors or group therapy sessions.

A more popular type of rehab center is an outpatient drug rehab. An outpatient rehab center typically offers medication assisted rehab. Most people who go to an outpatient drug rehab center do so because they cannot afford the cost of a residential drug rehab. These types of centers can offer both medication assisted treatment and individual counseling. Inpatient rehab centers may have a residential unit or they may be located on the campus of a college. This type of rehab center generally follows a strict regimen of medical and counseling assistance. Most people who attend an outpatient rehab center are very happy with the results.

There are several types of treatments used for drug rehab. A person who has struggled with addiction in the past may be referred to a program called “behavioral substitution.” This means that a patient is asked to live a different lifestyle after they leave the rehab facility. The goal of this type of rehab center is to help a patient overcome their drug addictions so they can lead a normal life again. A program called “behavioral substitution” helps a person to realize that there are ways to cope with drug addictions without using drugs. A residential program is another type of rehab that helps patients to come back from an addiction. Residential programs are meant to give patients time to work through their issues, not to be in a “high risk” environment.

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