Mountain Lakes Behavioral Healthcare - Scottsboro AL 35768

508 Gregory Street Scottsboro AL 35768

Mountain lakes Behavioral Healthcare offers a comprehensive range of services that are designed to provide treatment for the conditions that are often found in our society today. As a treatment center, the center strives to provide the best possible treatment for their patients, and these services include medication therapy, psychiatric assessments, as well as individual and group counseling.\n\n \n\nThe clinic is staffed by a qualified team of psychologists and psychiatrists who are trained and certified to work with both an individual patient as well as a group patient. There are a number of specialized areas in which they work, including substance abuse, family therapy, sex therapy, and other areas. The team of therapists also has experience working with the young adult as well as the adolescent population, so they know exactly what is needed in order to treat these patients. The team at the facility also includes a full staff of physicians, nurses, and technicians that work to provide personalized care to each of their patients. A full team of staff is provided, and they work with each patient to determine the most appropriate type of treatment based on the needs of their patient. These professionals can help to identify which course of action is best for the treatment process.\n\n \n\nMountain Lakes Behavioral Healthcare does not use the term “conversion” therapy. They use “behavioral treatment” to describe their therapeutic process and the way that they work. These professionals understand that it is not the only method of treatment for every individual patient, so they work with each of their patients in an effort to find a solution that works best for them. They strive to create a therapeutic environment where each patient can feel safe and secure, and they work closely with the families of each of their patients to ensure that they have the greatest level of success possible for all of their patients.

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