New Horizons Counsel-g Service -c. - Phoenix AZ 85021

1726 West Vogel Avenue Phoenix AZ 85021
(602) 944-6942(602) 944-6942

New Horizons Counseling Service is a Christian-based counseling service that offers treatment for many different issues related to depression and other mental disorders. This Arizona based counseling service, which is owned by the Christian ministry Reach Out Ministries, Inc., has been providing professional therapy and counseling services to individuals who have experienced a personal loss, marriage problems, a traumatic experience, financial difficulty, or other life difficulties. This counseling service uses traditional, holistic and conversational methods to treat the client and to learn more about the underlying issues. There are many benefits to working with one of these counseling services including the ability to work with a highly trained and experienced staff that can provide a safe environment for all clients. These trained counselors will use their knowledge of both psychological and spiritual healing to help the client overcome problems in their daily lives. Many clients also find that working with this type of counseling service gives them the freedom to pursue a new and positive direction in their life.

Reach Out Ministries has several counselors that work as part of New Horizons Counseling Service, Inc. which include licensed psychotherapists, licensed clinical mental health counselors and licensed therapists. New Horizons counselors work with their client to determine what type of counseling service they need. Once the client has a plan for their counseling, they will be able to learn the skills that they need to deal with their problem and will feel better about the situation they are in. The counselors can teach the client coping strategies to reduce stress while they are dealing with a particular problem. They will also teach clients how to overcome addictions and behavioral patterns and to find alternative ways to cope with their problems. They will also be taught about God’s plan for them and the person that they are.

The staff members at New Horizons Counseling Service, Inc. use a variety of techniques to encourage clients to see new opportunities, to overcome challenges, and to make positive changes. They will teach clients how to become empowered and to know that there are resources available to them that can help them. Many clients also find that using the tools that the counselors provide gives them more control over their emotions and their lives.

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