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1441 South No Le Hace Tucson AZ 85713

The Power Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona is one of the most innovative and well-designed of its kind, and provides the best care possible for patients suffering from a wide range of disorders. There are five treatment programs that provide the most comprehensive and safe treatment available to patients with a variety of conditions including:

The treatment programs at the facility in Tucson have received high marks from patients, as well as doctors, who have received specialized training in cognitive-behavior therapy and medication management. The Power Wellness Center in Tucson has a unique approach to treatment by combining counseling with medical treatments. Counseling and individual therapies can provide the patient with the opportunity to learn new ways to deal with stress and anxiety, as well as developing new behaviors that will prevent future problems. Medication is given to the patients in small doses, so as to not to create a dependency on the medications. The Power Wellness Center also gives their patients the option of going back to their homes after completing the program. All of the patients that attend the Power Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona, receive individual attention on a one to one basis and receive care from a trained therapist.

The patients who are treated by the Power Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona, also receive continuing education seminars for all new developments in their field. As new treatments and medications come out that may be helpful for the patients, there are also seminars given to keep up with the latest advances in treatment and help the patients understand the newest treatments that are available. The staff at the Power Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona, provides each of the patients with an opportunity to make progress and see results, as well as being able to ask questions if they do not understand a specific aspect of the treatment plan.

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