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The concept of Mental Health covers a variety of psychological conditions. Mental Health is generally defined as the degree of normal mental well-being, or lack of mental disease. It is a state of a person who is functioning at an acceptable level of normal emotional and behavioral adaptation. In a world where people are facing stress, pressure, depression and loneliness, mental health has become a need for many. The main reason behind this is that many are not able to cope up with these situations and this leads to mental disorders and illnesses. The definition of mental disorder is very strict and it requires the doctor to make a thorough and objective evaluation to determine the extent of the problem and recommend a treatment course.

The major factors responsible for developing a mental disorder include genetics, environment, stress and traumatic events. These factors have a negative effect on a person’s mental health and it can lead to various types of mental illnesses. There are many mental disorders, which are very serious and require medical treatment. However, most mental disorders are temporary in nature. They can be treated and cured. However, before treatment, the patient needs to identify the causes of his or her problem and this helps the doctor to suggest the right treatment. There are various treatment methods available in the form of drugs and psychotherapy.

However, mental disorders can be prevented if proper care and attention is given by the patients to avoid any form of abuse. For instance, children are more prone to psychological illnesses such as stress and depression as they have no way to express their emotions and they are more exposed to negative influences. Hence, parents must always make sure that their child is not subjected to any form of stress and anxiety because such things may lead to depression and mental disorders. There are also some physical ailments that can lead to mental disorders and it is therefore important to visit a doctor as soon as possible if you find any symptom of any illness to avoid complications. Also, the patient should take the responsibility of taking care of his or her own mental health by ensuring that he or she gets enough sleep and rest, exercise regularly, eats a balanced diet and avoids alcohol and tobacco.


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