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One of the largest cities in the state of Arizona Chandler is situated at the southern tip of the Phoenix metropolitan area. The city has been in existence since the 1930’s and has had its fair share of development. Being a very small city there are fewer people in the central area and as such the number of treatment facilities available in Chandler is much less. There are around 6 different treatment facilities in Chandler.

Among these centers are two of the most well-known mental health services in Chandler. The first is the Valley View Hospital Center and the second is the Chandler VA. Both of these mental health centers are extremely well known among the citizens of Chandler as they offer a variety of treatments including drug and alcohol rehabilitation. These centers also offer counseling group therapy and family therapy. Both of these mental health centers are accredited by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. Both of these centers are very popular with residents.

The second mental health center that is located in Chandler is the Chandler Veterans Home. This is an excellent facility that has been open for many years. The facility is very clean and very sanitary. As a matter of fact this facility is one of the few mental health centers in Chandler that is clean on a daily basis. Residents are treated well by staff and other residents. They receive personalized attention from the staff and live in a pleasant environment that is very similar to homes that are operated on a more social level. Many people go to this mental health center to receive psychological counseling as well as physical therapy.

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