Toby House - Phoenix AZ 85016

4020 North 20th Street
(602) 535-6468(602) 535-6468

You may have seen the Toby House in Phoenix AZ on TV and thought it was real. After all, it is a multi-million dollar real estate development that was being built to be built by the world famous architect Frank Gehry who also did the Empire State Building. Of course, it has been called a “Disneyland on the Desert” because of its amazing architecture, landscaping, and design. You will definitely have a lot of fun at this incredible real estate development in Arizona.

The house itself is a four-story behemoth that is meant to be a new home for the rich and famous. However, it does not stop with the exterior of the home, as you also get a beautiful landscaped garden and lawn where you can sit down to enjoy a drink while watching the stars shine in the night sky. The interior of the house is absolutely amazing too and is meant to impress even the most discriminating taste buds. There are many different features inside the building that you will surely love such as an infinity pool, tennis court, sauna, and barbeque grill.

In the end, the ultimate dream house will look something like this if you decide to get a chance to buy one. If you are looking for a perfect place to live with beautiful houses and breathtaking architecture then this is the place for you. For more information on this spectacular real estate development in Arizona, please visit their website.

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