Twenty Eight Eleven Crescent - Homewood AL 35209

2811 Crescent Ave Homewood AL 35209
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Twenty-Eight Eleven Crescent is a new play from writer David Simon (himself an author) and playwright Terrence McNally called The New York Times. The play centers around the fallout of the Iraq War and follows the lives of people as they come to terms with what they have lost. The cast includes Michael Kutsche Steve Martin Teri Hatcher and Kate Hudson. The production runs through January 29th.

At the beginning of the play we meet the characters as they’re settling in New York City: George a young Jewish man is going through a rough patch in his relationship with his girlfriend Ellen (Kutsche); his parents are getting divorced; Jessica (Simons) has moved out of her parents’ house and is starting a new life in New Jersey; David (Simon) is still struggling with his new career and a new identity as the Times’ public editor; and Ben (Hatcher) is trying to find a way to make ends meet as a teacher in his community college. Once the show starts it immediately moves into a fast-paced and fast-moving drama that’s about to unfold on the New York stage. This fast pace becomes very clear from the moment the show begins and the tension is palpable throughout the play. The cast plays off each other well in this fast-paced drama. One moment they’re joking around; the next moment they’re serious. They all react to events and scenes differently than they would if they were acting naturally.

Twenty-Eight Eleven Crescent is definitely a play you need to see during a break at the theatre or in a large public venue like New York City’s Madison Square Garden. This is a good show that anyone can appreciate. If you do not know much about this genre of drama then this one might be just right for you. It’s a great way to get the chance to enjoy an exciting drama and learn more about New York City in general!

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