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Drug addiction treatment is the process of psychotherapeutic or medical treatment for dependence on illicit psychoactive substances like alcohol prescription medications and illegal street drugs such as cocaine heroin or methamphetamine. These drugs can have a devastating effect on the physical mental social and emotional well being of an individual. A complete understanding of these drugs can only be acquired by a proper understanding of their use and addiction. The drug treatment that is best suited for an individual can vary with time and the severity of the disease.

There are many different types of drug addiction treatment programs in operation today. Drug addiction treatment centers or rehab facilities can offer a combination of different programs. The detoxification of the addict may involve the provision of medical attention and supervision by trained professionals. The addict will have to undergo intense therapy and counseling in order to break the chains of drug addiction. Medical treatment will also include the provision of medications to counteract the damaging effects of the addiction on the body and mind.

A long term drug rehabilitation program will require the addict to go through intensive therapy and counseling for several months to a year. The addict will be required to follow a strict regimen of treatment that will help him or her to overcome the dependency and gain a fresh start. This can be done by the individual taking up an outpatient drug rehabilitation program or by enrolling in a residential treatment center or residential drug rehab. For those who suffer from severe drug addiction there may be other options available depending upon the specific needs of the addict.

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