Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Waynesburg Gains New Facility

the change should be smooth and stated that the move was likely made with cautious deliberation.

John Six, the medical director of Greenbriar, will provide the medical supervision for the 3C program.

Karen Bennett, the human services administrator for Greene County, indicated that the drug treatment center will be a benefit to the area beyond the county. She stated that in her experience, local residents do not usually need the level of care that the 3C facility will deliver.

She said that by forming a relationship with Greenbriar, a Waynesburg resident in need of treatment may be able to access services quicker.                                                          Bennett highlighted that Greene County affiliating with Greenbriar will be a main advantage. She highlighted that with an inpatient drug treatment center here, she aspires for county residents to gain access to Greenbriar’s other services, such as drug detoxification.

She did state that the loss of the behavioral health system will be difficult and she hopes they don’t lose the managing services. She indicated that her case managers will now have to travel to Washington Hospital to connect local people with services.