Madison Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Each year in the United States, more than 2 million people seek treatment for substance abuse issues. Unfortunately, that is nowhere near the estimated 30 million who are currently in the grips of a drug or alcohol use problem. The vast majority of people in the United States who require some form of treatment for a substance use or abuse disorder will likely never seek it out in the first place. But for those who do recognize that they have a problem, there are more effective treatment options than ever. You have found them. Addiction Now can provide what you need to succeed.

Our drug rehab center in Madison, Kansas ranks among the best in the area. We have professional staff, who have been trained in their respective fields and represent the best that the substance abuse treatment industry has to offer. Clients at our addiction treatment center in Madison can expect the best service in the industry, from an addiction recovery facility that has among the most successful track records of anywhere nationwide.

Supervised detox is a key to successful recovery

One of the most important aspects of any addiction recovery program is to make sure that the client has completely rid themselves of all traces of their drug of choice. Failing to completely detoxify from all substances will almost always result in an unsuccessful attempt at recovery. This is one reason why so many people who try to go cold turkey ultimately end up relapsing.

Our drug rehab clinic in Madison employs expert staff members who have the knowledge and experience to help clients through the often difficult detox process. Whether a client is weaning themselves off of a heavy addiction or are physically dependent on alcohol, our professional staff members have the necessary expertise and tools to ensure that every client is able to detox thoroughly and safely.

Creating a positive community through trust

Another aspect of the Addiction Now approach to addiction treatment is the creation of a positive community. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Madison takes care to ensure that all clients feel perfectly at ease, able to openly and honestly discuss anything that may be bothering them, in an environment that is amicable and non-judgmental.

One of the most important aspects in successfully recovering from a longstanding addiction issue is in teaching oneself how to once again interact socially without the aid of drugs or alcohol. This is easier said than done. Our addiction recovery center in Madison has created a treatment program that systematically eases clients back into normal social interaction, allowing them to relearn the art of social interactions without the need to resort to their favored substances of abuse.

Our addiction treatment clinic in Madison, Kansas also provides a thorough mental health screening to all people who are admitted. Addiction Now’s credentialed psychologists are able to quickly and accurately diagnose any underlying mental health condition that may be contributing to the substance abuse issues, dramatically increasing the likelihood of a lasting sobriety being achieved by the client.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, please call us or come in for a visit today.

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