Positive aspects of youth development and drug use examined in new study

the no drug use school-based group, and 51 participants were qualified to be in the frequent drug use school-based group.

Adolescents who identified as a 0 (never) in relation to drug and alcohol use were placed in a “no use” group, and the “frequent use” group comprised of adolescents who identified as a 2 (often), or 3 (very often), in relation to substance or alcohol use, or both.

The researchers suggested that adolescents who develop substance abuse issues might not have had the opportunities to establish promotive factors or that these elements may not have been used in a manner that would have advanced adaptive functioning.

Additionally, these suggestions imply that the development and identification of these promotive factors can improve outcomes for adolescents.

“Taken together, our findings represent an early effort to understand the positive strengths and characteristics that youth bring with them when entering a treatment program for severe substance abuse problems,” the study stated.