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Adolescent Drug Abuse Prompts Improved School Prevention Programs

To fight adolescent drug abuse, schools across the U.S. have been striving to implement more effective drug abuse prevention and education programs. While the U.S....

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Bismarck Gets Expansion

A drug and alcohol abuse treatment in Bismarck, North Dakota will expand their services to help Burleigh County residents that struggle with substance use...

Rehab Center in Mantachie Treats Addiction with Combined Techniques

A recently accredited rehab center located in Mantachie, Mississippi has been offering addiction treatment programs that combine intensive clinical therapy with 12-step immersion services. The...

Indianapolis Drug Rehab Programs Aided by Software

A software platform called Open Beds has been added to drug rehab programs in hospitals across Indianapolis. Open Beds was created by Dr. Nishi Rawat,...

Drug Addiction Treatment Highlighted in Bel Air, Maryland

A non-profit organization based in Bel Air, Maryland has been highlighting the importance of drug addiction treatment and the impact of overdoses in the...

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs in Philadelphia Innovate and Expand

Philadelphia is looking to combat the opioid epidemic by finding ways to innovate and expand drug addiction treatment programs. According to members of the Philadelphia...

FDA requests removal of opioid Opana from the market

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is requesting that the company Endo Pharmaceuticals remove its opioid painkiller Opana ER (oxymorphone) from the market...

New DEA website launched to target gateway drug abuse in colleges

Drug enforcement agents have launched a new website in a bid to crack down on illegal drug use by college students and stop later-life...

Children in welfare programs more likely to use drugs, research

Researchers sought to determine whether childhood welfare participation influenced the likelihood of drug use into young adulthood and discovered that it significantly increased the...

Researchers develop drug abuse prevention program for young girls

Age and gender can play important roles in addiction recovery and drug abuse prevention. What may be an effective method of addiction treatment or prevention...
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