Recovery Center in Scottsdale Partners with Arizona Crowdfunding Portal to Expand

Recovery Center in Scottsdale Partners with Arizona Crowdfunding Portal to Expand

An online equity crowdfunding resource based in Arizona has partnered with the Scottsdale Recovery Center to expand the addiction treatment services that are available in the area.

The crowdfunding portal — FundMyBusinessAZ — is a privately-owned resource offered exclusively to Arizona residents, startups, and existing businesses. With innovative technology, the digital platform links investors to local entrepreneurs who are allowed to raise $1 million a year free of financial audits.

Concurrently, the residents of the state who want to invest are able to devote a maximum of $10,000 a year — the limit does not apply to ‘accredited investors.’ In compensation, investors receive shares from the entrepreneurs’ businesses.

Representatives of the center have stated that although the idea of using a crowdfunding platform to raise money for an addiction treatment center may be unusual, it is a way to allow all of the people from local communities as well as other parts of the state and the country to contribute.

They have emphasized that the focus of their partnership with the crowdfunding platform is to mobilize the residents of Scottsdale to use their own resources to curb of substance abuse, which has been a growing public health problem for the local community.

Within a period of only six months during last year, more than 700 fatal overdoses related to opioids occurred in the state, according to statistics provided by the treatment center.

The Scottsdale Recovery Center has been providing addiction treatment services to Arizonians for more than ten years. Currently, the center has four different facilities located throughout Scottsdale and Phoenix. The clinics are equipped to welcome adult and senior patients who are looking for professional assistance to recover from an alcohol, opioid or another substance use disorder as well as those with co-occurring disorders.

Some of the services provided by the staff members at the four addiction treatment facilities include long- and short-term inpatient and outpatient programs, aftercare recovery; life coaching; family therapy and medically-assisted drug detoxification.

The clinics also have a particular focus on substance-free, holistic treatment methods such as tai chi, art therapy, and guided meditation. The addiction specialists claim that these holistic therapies can be successful not only in boosting patients’ well-being but can also help them resist cravings and adhere to a routine.

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