Substance Abuse and Addiction Worsening in Fresno

for most people, physical activity is an uncomplicated way to improve substance use disorder recovery.

No discrimination

The Fresno County District Attorney took the center stage to promote education surrounding substance use disorders in addition to addressing the fact that drug addiction is a problem that can affect people from various locations, backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and social statuses.

It was brought up by the addiction professionals that oftentimes doctors and therapists, especially those handling pain management practices, need to focus on learning more about the addictive properties of the substances they prescribe.

Other physicians who have practiced in the area used the occasion to bring forth the fact that addiction treatment does work. Yet, the speakers highlighted that most of the popular drug detox programs as well as inpatient drug rehabilitation programs at substance abuse centers are not extensive enough or could be significantly more effective than they are at the moment.