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How Working Out Can Help You in Working Through Addiction

The “gains” of working out just increased. A new study published by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the journal ACS Omega shows...

New Dopamine Research Findings May Redefine Addiction Treatment 

A research paper published last week revealed that scientists have made critical progress in unraveling the cerebral circuits associated with the habit-forming effects that...

Addiction Treatment in Lawrence Benefits from University Center

The University of Kansas (KU) in Lawrence has established a new center focused on addiction treatment research with the assistance of a $2 million...

Kingston Alcohol Abuse Treatment Research Shows Promise

A clinical research conducted by scientists from the University Of Rhode Island College Of Pharmacy in Kingston, R.I. is showing signs that a promising...

Researchers Try to Predict the Genes that Predispose People for Addiction

Genes are the focus of a joint study at Bentley University and Gravity Diagnostics into how genetics affect a person’s likelihood of becoming addicted...

Over 1000% Increase in Pennsylvania Newborn Withdrawal

A new research report released by the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council (PHC4) has revealed that there was an increase of over 1000%...

Addiction Treatment Programs in Boston Support Overdose Survivors

The Boston Medical Center (BMC) recently led a study that categorizes the different types of collaborative addiction treatment programs emerging across Massachusetts for overdose...

Opioid Crisis Cost Exceeds $1 Trillion

A new report estimates that the opioid crisis cost is now in excess of $1 trillion, and further concludes that the cost will continue...

Alcoholism Damages DNA, Increasing Cancer Chances

A recent study has revealed that alcoholism damages DNA, which can increases the individual’s likelihood of cancer. The study was published in Nature International Journal...

The University of Texas leads $29 million research series on alcoholism

Government funding will pledge $29 million to a series of research led by the University of Texas to combat alcoholism, a problem that costs...
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