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Anti-heroin vaccine closer to reality, stops ‘high’ in primates

Scientists have broken new ground with a vaccine that stops the high of heroin. The experts from the Virginia Commonwealth University and the Scripps...

Availability, legality and safety misconceptions fueled a global opioid crisis

The transition from opioid prescription pills to heroin has been well documented, but recent research shed light on the factors that have led to...

Why are teen athletes more likely to misuse opioids?

Adolescents who play at least one high contact sport are at a high risk for engaging in the nonmedical use of prescription opioids (NUPO)...

The changing perception of heroin and maintenance treatment drugs

A recent study explored the perceived dangers, symbolism and cultural framing surrounding opioid, heroin and maintenance treatment substances among licit and illicit drug users...

Pennsylvania takes ‘all hands on deck’ approach to opioid crisis

On Wednesday, Pennsylvania’s Governor, Tom Wolf, invited House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis) to visit a drug treatment center in his state where many patients...

Decline in OxyContin abuse undermined by increase in fatal heroin overdoses

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania and Rand Corporation have directly linked the anti-abuse reformulation of OxyContin to the sharp rise in fatal heroin...

A virtual ‘heroin cave’ to tempt and temper

It’s a virtual house party, a ‘heroin cave’ filled with triggers -- partygoers using and dealing drugs, a table peppered with syringes, pill bottles...

Detoxing from heroin

As heroin use continues to rise across many demographics, Americans are scrambling to find solutions to the epidemic. According to the Centers for Disease...

You’ve got mail… soaked in drugs

Prisons are cracking down on inmates receiving drug-soaked mail from the outside world, and new technology is aiming to stop contraband from landing in...

The shifting demographics of heroin abuse

There has been a marked shift in the demographics of heroin users over the past several decades, recent research showed. Heroin use has gone...
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