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Sessions Assigns Additional Agents to Online Opioid Patrol

United States Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III announced that a new team would be created to help the FBI expand its online opioid...

Over 23 Tons of Cocaine Unloaded in San Diego by Coast...

In San Diego on Thursday, January 25, the Coast Guard began to unload over 23 tons of cocaine seized from smugglers operating in the...

Conway to Manage White House Opioid Crisis Strategy

During a press conference on Wednesday, November 29, it was announced that Kellyanne Conway will be serving as point person for the White House...

Trump Reneges on Declaring Opioid Crisis National Emergency

On Thursday, October 26, the Trump Administration declared the US opioid crisis to be a public health emergency. In August, Trump stated that he would...

Attorney general calls for harsher sentences on drug offenses despite conflicts

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has given an order to prosecutors stating they should seek the full charges in each criminal offense, reversing key Obama...
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