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Medications for opioid use disorder see massive spikes in funding

The amount of Medicaid money spent on three crucial medications used to fight opioid use disorder (OUD) increased sharply between 2011 and 2016, with...

What happens when surgeons limit postoperative opioid prescriptions?

What would happen if surgeons limited the number of opioid prescriptions written to manage postoperative pain among patients that had common surgeries? According to...

Nutrients found to improve opioid use disorder treatment

Recent research has revealed that nutritional therapy integrated with opioid use disorder treatment can be equally or more effective than traditional treatments or methadone...

Opioid-addicted teens lack medication-assisted treatment

A recent study found that there is a significant lack of access to and utilization of developmentally appropriate treatment for adolescents and young adults...

Opioid use disorder raises odds of death by ten times in...

A recent study found that individuals with opioid use disorders who received medical services in a university health system were 10 times more likely...
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