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How Working Out Can Help You in Working Through Addiction

The “gains” of working out just increased. A new study published by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the journal ACS Omega shows...

Researchers Try to Predict the Genes that Predispose People for Addiction

Genes are the focus of a joint study at Bentley University and Gravity Diagnostics into how genetics affect a person’s likelihood of becoming addicted...

Alcoholism Damages DNA, Increasing Cancer Chances

A recent study has revealed that alcoholism damages DNA, which can increases the individual’s likelihood of cancer. The study was published in Nature International Journal...

How beneficial is religious faith in addiction recovery?

The roles of faith and religion vary when it comes to addiction and treatment practices — according to research from the U.S. National Library...

The impacts of heavy drinking on the brain

The impacts of heavy drinking on the human brain and the behavioral changes linked to excessive alcohol consumption were recently analyzed in a study...

Spider venom shows promise as alternative to opioid painkillers, study shows

Australian researchers made a scientific breakthrough that could change opioid-based therapy -- spider venom. Researchers from the University of Queensland tested more than 205 different...

Is Ritalin a gateway drug?

October is Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) awareness month, and this year’s theme is “Knowing is Better.” So we delved into the oldest and perhaps...
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