Kasich signs new law to combat opioid crisis in Ohio

see an increase in fentanyl over the past several years.

Ohio has taken several steps to combat the opioid problem, including providing more funding for drug task forces across the state to crack down on drug trafficking; launching new programs to prevent youth drug use; revising prescription guidelines for opiates, and creating rules allowing employers to provide injured workers with treatment for opioid dependence.

“We need another flame inside of our hearts and souls to realize that a number of these problems can be solved by us, and not somebody else,” Kasich said at a press conference. “Don’t wait for a politician to show up and fix it. We need to fix it right where we live — all of us — if we love our children, if we love the people that we live next to, we’ve got to deliver this message to them: Don’t do those drugs.”


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Kasich signs new law to combat opioid crisis in Ohio
Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich signed a new law to fight the opioid addiction problem in his home state on Wednesday. The key components of the law include more access to Naloxone for treatment centers, schools, and homeless shelters; more accountability for Ohio’s 42,000 pharmacy technicians who must now register with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy; limiting prescriptions of opiates to a supply of 90 days and invalidating prescriptions that haven’t been filled in 30 days; and getting rid of a regulatory hurdle that prevented the opening of new methadone clinics.
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