Drug rehab recovery more successful if completed for 30 days or more

many private and government-funded health insurance plans only compensate people for 30 days of drug rehabilitation, stated Dr. Akikur Mohammad, lead author, and assistant clinical professor of psychiatry and the behavioral sciences at the University of California.

Researchers from Brandeis University recently conducted a study to find out whether engagement in outpatient addiction treatment can reduce the chance of a subsequent admission to drug detox.

They found that treatment engagement is not only “a useful measure” for monitoring the standard and quality of care, it was also associated with lower rates of subsequent admissions to drug detox.

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Drug rehab recovery more successful if treated for 30 days or more
Patients in drug rehab recovery are more likely to succeed when they are in treatment for more than 30 days, according to a new research conducted by researchers from the University of Southern California.
Cesar Gamboa
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