Drug Rehabs in Sacramento Become Increasingly Popular

it has been presenting higher rates of drug-related mortality than the surrounding regions.

Former Superior Court Judge, Steven Bailey, believes that the lawmakers in the capital have not been focusing on or addressing issues such as substance abuse as they should.

“Drug addiction is something that’s foreign to Sacramento,” he stated. “[Legislators] do not particularly care about it.”

He explained he understands that problems related to substance abuse and mental illness are difficult to tackle and that there are limited resources directed to addressing them at a local level but emphasized that more should be done regardless.


This is why Bailey decided to run for California Attorney General — he hopes to bring forth the need to address these issues and prioritize increased protection for the public.

“We need the public to be safe, first,” he added.

Drug rehabs in Sacramento become increasingly popular
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Drug rehabs in Sacramento become increasingly popular
The number of people looking to get help with a substance use disorder and starting treatment in drug rehabs in Sacramento and nearby areas has gone up in recent years.
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