find out how social media can impact happiness, and notes that the average Facebook user can gain more than 28 extra hours of free time during that 99-day period. The website claims there are more than 46,000 people “enjoying freedom” at the moment.  

Travel agencies like Intrepid Travel offer digital detox vacations where cameras, and smartphones aren’t allowed. Digital detox vacations to “off-the-grid” locations like Marrakech and Patagonia, aim to force travelers to unplug completely.

For Young, education and behavior modification begins with the family. Dr. Young kept that in mind and put together a set of guidelines for parents to learn what families can do about technology addiction at home.

“We focus much more on behavioral therapy, group therapies, and family therapy,” she said. “Often, parents think that the child needs to be fixed but we’re finding it is a family problem. It’s also something the parents model unhealthy behavior with their own digital habits. So it’s a learning curve for the entire family.”