Dealing with an addicted spouse

dealing with addicted spouse

Addiction can be incredibly difficult to cope with, even when it’s someone else who has become addicted to drugs or alcohol. When a spouse has become entrenched in substance abuse, the partner is usually subjected to the immediate consequences of managing someone suffering from addiction, and they frequently find themselves cleaning up messes the spouse has made elsewhere, as well.


Before anything can be accomplished, one must take stock of their relationship and determine whether or not their spouse is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

This can be an incredibly difficult process, as it is the brain’s natural tendency to normalize negative situations and attempt to uphold the status quo. It’s important to avoid becoming adjusted and accepting of unacceptable behavior, such as verbal abuse or manipulation, because the addiction will cause the person to lie or say what is necessary to maintain the current situation. Try to set certain boundaries and stick to them in order to confront the specter of addiction.

However, getting over denial is only part of the process. In realizing a spouse is struggling with addiction, the next step is determining how to convey this information to them. Because of reasons discussed above, an addicted person will be hard pressed to recognize their addiction. Their reliance on substances has hardwired them to resist positive change; their substance of choice is invested in maintaining the current situation and ensuring the addiction persists.

Moving Forward

In moving beyond this impasse, there are certain techniques that could prove useful. Consider looking into… (continue reading)