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The Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Research Center (ADATRC) in Gilbert AZ has developed the Behavior Health Program (BHP). This Behavior Health Program is designed to help behavioral health care agencies and managers of behavioral treatment programs adjust their practices counseling techniques programs and resources to meet the unique needs of their clients. This BHP is an innovative initiative that utilizes the best practices of the behavioral health care community and provides a new and unique program that will be able to meet the unique needs of all the persons who have a need for behavioral therapy. As the population of those who suffer from addiction increases each year it becomes more important to have a treatment plan that can help them in their efforts to get clean and stay clean. This BHP program will help you in meeting this need as well.

There are four primary components of the BHP program. The first component is the Individual Needs Assessment. This assessment helps determine what type of treatment your client requires which helps you to design the best treatment plan for your client. This BHP program also helps you in developing a personalized treatment plan to meet the unique needs of each individual. Another component of the BHP is the Treatment Implementation Strategy.

This is where the intervention process takes place. This is where you work closely with your client to help him or her get the treatment he or she needs to overcome their addiction. This is done through the use of medications group therapy and support groups. This BHP program will also help you in identifying any problems or concerns that may have arisen during the course of your client’s recovery and provide tools to help you address these issues effectively. These are just some of the components of the BHP program.

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