Alabama Department Public Health - Anniston AL 36201

3400 McClellan Blvd, Anniston, AL 36201

The Alabama Department Public Health Services is the official state health department of the state of Alabama. It provides many public health programs to its citizens. It is a division of the Alabama Department of Health and the Division of Public Health and Welfare. Its primary objective is to ensure that all Alabama residents have the right to health care and protection. The division works closely with the state’s Department of Social Services to ensure that all people are protected from communicable diseases and other illnesses. It also works in partnership with the Department of Mental Health to provide mental health services and community-based health care to residents in need. In order to accomplish these goals, the division conducts various programs and activities for its participants.

The division of Public Health and Welfare offers several programs for residents of Alabama. They include free health screenings for low income families. They also offer screenings and screening for AIDS, diabetes, and cancer. The state also helps low-income families in purchasing immunizations. There is also help for people who need assistance with paying for their medical bills.

A number of organizations to conduct clinics for people in the area of Alabama who need to get their bodies checked out. These clinics offer screenings for cancer, diabetes, AIDS, and many other health concerns. Some of these programs also offer financial assistance to help pay for treatments. The state also offers a free dental program to people in the area of the state who need to see a dentist. The division of Public Health and Welfare also runs an education program for students in Alabama that teaches them how to prevent and recognize disease and health issues. It also works to make sure that children in the area are educated about healthy habits and how to stay away from dangers of illnesses.

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